Shaker (sic.) and his team were wonderful with helping me close my properties. What I really liked about him was that he was always available to answer all my questions and would get back to me asap. He was always on top of it all and gave great inputs as far as how to negotiate and what is the best to do considering the situation. He even pick up the slack that my agent forgot to do and and should have had it done but thanks to Shaker (sic.) it got it all done and had a great and smooth closing. Thank you again Shake (sic.) and Jayaraman Law team. I highly recommend Jayaraman Law and would definitely do business with you again my friend.

– Dr. G

Shekar is one of the most heartfelt, compassionate and kind attorneys I know and I know many! He cares about his clients, advises them wisely, without ulterior motives and pays great detail to the case or draft at hand. I highly recommend Shekar for Real Estate, Business, Estate Planning or simply even contract drafting legal counsel. Thank you Shekar!

– Barbara B.

I was able to use Mr. Jayaraman’s service just recently as I was going through the home buying process and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Mr. Jayaraman went above and beyond, filling in gaps that were even outside of his responsibility to ensure that everything went smoothly. I 100% recommend his services – he stands out, valuing the client relationship above all else, and conducting himself and his team with honesty, integrity, and a fine tooth comb to make sure that all the i’s are dotted, and the t’s are crossed! Thank you again 🙂

– SW

Shekar is one of the most sharpest and pleasant guys to work with. Not only does he simplify the process, he’s with you along every step of the way from start to finish. What’s more impressive is his post follow up. After he had gotten my affairs in order with my planning he followed just to ensure I was satisfied or had any other questions. I felt that he genuinely cared which meant a lot. I’d highly recommend this law practice if you want to work with someone who cares about people and will take time out to actually listen to your needs instead of rushing you out like a lot of other attorneys. Keep up the good work!

– Eli H.

I used Jayaraman Law firm to assist with a property purchase. During the inspection period, I found a number of issues with the property. Shekar was able to get me out of the contract and dealt with the seller’s attorney that was being difficult about breaking the contract. I would highly recommend Shekar for all your real estate transactions!

– G. Patel

This is the real deal. Not only was I supported through my entire situation but also received additional support when the unexpected occurred. Professional, Supportive, and Knowledgeable! Thank you Jayaraman Law!!!

– Dr. S (Animal Hospital)

Professional, thorough, courteous, knowledgeable and actually caring! Those are some of the phrases I would use to describe Mr. Jayaraman. He helped me with real estate and from the beginning to pretty much the end, he’s super easy and methodical. From the initial meeting where he explained the entire process step by step to working towards the Attorney Review – Mr. Jayaraman likes to ensure that you as his client feel comfortable with every step. There are no pressure tactics, no additional sales pitches (which is a rarity these days). He truly just wants to ensure you are satisfied with his work and come out feeling comfortable with your decision. The client portal on jayaramanlaw.com is an added bonus as it removes the uncertainty of ‘losing’ email attachments and ensures your files are secure. I would highly recommend Mr. Jayaraman and I would not hesitate to call on him for future needs. Thank you so much Mr. Jayaraman.

– SS

We’ve had nothing but positive experiences with Mr. Jayaraman. He always takes the time to listen and take thorough notes regarding any corporate inquiries to better understand the structure of the organization and offer sound judgement and advice. Mr. Jayaraman goes above and beyond, and is well versed with current trends – taking the time to research and stay on top of any new developments that may affect our organization. We feel much more at ease after receiving Mr. Jayaraman’s legal advice, and are able to make informed decisions moving forward. Mr Jayaraman handles every situation with complete honesty and integrity. We highly recommend him to anyone seeking a Corporate attorney!

– Sunshine Method

Shekar has really impressed me with his knowledge, understanding and attention to detail as a practicing attorney. He is extremely client-focused and compassionate about his clients’ needs. All would benefit from his legal expertise and services.

– Vincent Auricchio (Managing Partner – Auricchio Law Offices)

I have known and worked with Shekar for over 8 years. His work product and work ethic make him a great legal advisor and problem solver. He is one of the most conscientious, competent and caring persons I know. I oversaw his work and he reported to me at the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office from 2009-11.

Shekar is a superb lawyer and former federal judicial law clerk with strong competencies in business formation & compliance; estate planning; and the general business practice of law. He is a proven responsive innovator who has built up a law practice by being accessible and helping client navigate the legal complexities of life.

He is someone I would go to for problem solving and legal advice.

– Mike Rankin (President – Mike Rankin Consulting, LLC)